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TASER Pulse Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapon

by Joseph


We’re one step closer to the future promised by millions of scifi TV shows, books, and movies, when traditional guns are replaced by much cooler laser pulse weapons instead. In a lot of those stories, those ray guns and laser weapons are even more dangerous than our pistols and assault rifles are, incinerating hapless victims down to their space boots, but the TASER Pulse is a self-defense weapon for people interested in effective but non-lethal force.

The TASER Pulse boasts a pistol-shaped, sub-compact design, and can purportedly immobilize an attacker up to 15 feet away for a crucial half-minute, allowing you to get the hell out of there – and if you happen to leave your Pulse behind, TASER has a “safe escape product replacement program” that will get you a new one for free.

Also equipped with laser sights and a flashlight, the TASER Pulse is likely to make you feel a lot safer out there even if you’re not giddy about the possibility of taking a human life. To pre-order yours at just under $400, head to the TASER online store right here.

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