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Tapped Birch Water: “Made by the Forests of Finland”

by Joseph
Tapped Birch Water

Tapped Birch Water

No one can tell what the future holds, but there would seem to be as good a chance as any that Tapped Birch Water is the next big “super drink,” thanks to its exotic origins from the “forests of Finland” and its being chock full of good stuff like potassium, zinc and magnesium.

Tapped Birch Water is literally tapped from Finnish birch trees, which only bear water for a limited time every year (clearly, God has a marketing degree). Birch water has long been used as an ingredient in various medicinal products, but Tapped represents one of the first examples of the stuff being packaged for consumers, and it’s available in regular, Apple Root & Ginger, and Bilberry & Ligonberry flavors – no artificial sweeteners required.

The company’s official site appears to be in the works, but you can get more information on Tapped Birch Water at the brand’s Facebook page here.

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