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Tao Liu: Photographer Specializes in Perfectly-Timed Street Photos (Pics)

by Joseph
Tao Liu

Good street photography is all about being at the right place at the right time, but Tao Liu takes that idea to a whole new level. He doesn’t just capture moments in time, but visual intersections that create optical illusions just for a couple seconds at most in real life, but which are immortalized forever by his photos.

The optical illusions seen in Tao Liu’s work are much better seen than described, but they include stuff like photographs appearing to interact with real people, and a mother appearing to have a giant inflatable Minnie Mouse head thanks to a balloon being held by her child. The fact that Liu is able to catch these pictures out in an uncontrolled environment, and not in a closed studio setting, is pretty amazing.

You can see what I mean by taking a look at some of Tao Liu’s work in the gallery below. And for more from the artist, head over to his official Facebook page here, where he’s gaining more fans all the time.

Here’s the gallery:

Tao LiuTao LiuTao LiuTao LiuTao LiuTao Liu

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