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Tannus: Bike Tires That Will Never Go Flat

by Joseph


Suppressed by the bicycle industry! Hidden by Big Tire! But now, for the first time, a bike tire that will never go flat is finally available!

OK, in truth I don’t actually know if the reality behind the Tannus bicycle tire is anywhere close to being that dramatic, but I do know that, as a bike tire that’s purported never to go flat, it’s of interest to bicycle enthusiasts everywhere.

The Tannus’ secret in achieving this seemingly impossible feat is said to be in its special construction from a “Micro Closed Polymer Resin” called “Aither.” Aither won’t puncture, rupture, or split, nor will it ever degrade even in its vivid coloring over the years.

Assuming all of that is true, it’s really not such a bad deal to drop $140 on a pair of Tannus bike tires, which is what you can do over at the tires’ official website right here.

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