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Tamagotchi: Original 90s Virtual Pet Gets Re-Release (Video)

by Joseph


One of the signature items of any 90s kid ensemble is the Tamagotchi, the digital pet that fit in your pocket and provided a pleasant distraction from schoolwork in the days before 24/7 social media contact with friends and enemies. Now, the original 90s model from Bandai is reportedly coming back, just like Seinfeld, The X-Files, and Twin Peaks.

Things are a little thorny out there from that point, since there doesn’t appear to be any English-language component to this particular Tamagotchi reboot as of now. But the toys are reportedly just like their mid-90s counterparts, only with a reduction in size that makes them even easier to fit on a key chain and furtively feed during office meetings.

You can watch the (Japanese) commercial for the returning 90s model Tamagotchi below, and read up more on the product right here. If you ever stay awake at night thinking about the Tamagotchi you let starve to death after summer vacation, here’s your chance to make amends.


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