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TALOS: A Real-Life Iron Man Suit In Development (Video)

by Joseph


Pop culture of the last few decades has been full of battle suits that turn the wearer from a regular person into a bulletproof fighting machine. Iron Man and Robocop are two of the most famous examples but now it’s been revealed that the United States military is developing its own real-world version of that idea.

It’s called TALOS, which is an acronym for “Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit.” TALOS is slated to begin human testing this summer, but high-ranking Admiral William McRaven is already reported to be “astounded” by the tests he’s seen.

So it’s a safe bet that McRaven saw something a little more impressive than the concept video below, which makes TALOS look like a particularly uninspiring mid-90s video game. But it does show bullets bouncing off the TALOS suit, so I think this can probably be filed under “mission: accomplished.”

Here’s the video, which probably cost a lot less to produce than the Robocop remake:

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