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Talkshow: Turn Your Own Communications Into Entertainment

by Joseph
Talkshow (image via Mashable)

Talkshow (image via Mashable)

Anyone who maintains a social media presence has been in this situation: You’re communicating with someone privately via text, Google Chat, Facebook Messenger, or the like, and you waste a killer one-liner on one person when it deserves to be appreciated by the entire planet. Talkshow is a new app that lets you publicly share communications in real time with other people.

Basically you invite your funniest/most entertaining correspondents to take part in a “show” with you, and through the Talkshow app they sign up, and the messages you send back and forth can be “watched” in real time by anyone who’s interested. Somewhere, Jay Leno‘s years-long vegetable torpor is broken.

If you’re interested in “texting in public,” you can get the Talkshow app from the iTunes app store right here, where it’s absolutely free – a lot less work than it would take to get your own talk show on TV.

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