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‘Tacopedia’: A Taco Education in One Volume

by Joseph


If you think about it, tacos are kind of like edible books – tortilla binding, meat, vegetable, and cheese pages, maybe an avocado bookmark or something. I bring up this analogy as a kind of segue into Tacopedia, which is probably the only taco book you’ll ever need on your shelf or coffee table.

Tacopedia has more than 100 recipes for taco fillings and salsas, but this is far more than a cookbook. It’s also got information on the history of the taco, plus a ton of photographs, maps, and other illustrations. If you think about it, it’s kind of like a readable taco.

Unlike a taco, though, Tacopedia only comes in a hard shell version, priced at a little under 17 bucks over at the book’s Amazon listing right here. If you’re a taco enthusiast or just hoping to become one, you could probably do a lot worse than picking up a copy for yourself.

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