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Taco Mode: Lyft Partners with Taco Bell

by Joseph
Taco Mode

Taco Mode

Taco Bell is the late-night spot of choice for people who either don’t want to get out of their car or who don’t live in Waffle House country. Rideshare app Lyft recognizes this, and in doing so has partnered with Taco Bell for the new Taco Mode feature, reportedly rolling out later this week for a test phase in Orange County, CA.

If that test phase goes according to plan, soon any Lyft user in the United States will be able to initiate Taco Mode with the touch of a single button. This will alert your driver that you want to be picked up for a (probably late-night) trip through the Taco Bell drive thru, and other features like a special in-car menu and even free Doritos Locos tacos will be integrated into the service as well. Here’s Taco Bell CEO Marisa Thalberg on the new feature:

“We realized that for every person who has asked their Lyft driver to make a pit-stop at Taco Bell — and we’ve seen many — there are likely those who weren’t sure if this was possible. With the advent of this fantastic partnership with Lyft, we will erase any lingering uncertainty and celebrate the ability to ‘ride-thru’ in Taco Mode.”

Between this and McDelivery, it is truly a dangerous time to be drunk and hungry.


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