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‘Table Pong Project’ Brings ‘Pong’ Into the Real World

by Joseph
Table Pong Project

Table Pong Project

Whenever I imagined what classic Atari video game Pong would be like in the real world, I probably thought about something like air hockey or (obviously) ping pong. But I was thinking extremely small compared to the makers of the Table Pong Project, a game that physicalizes the familiar video game in a completely literal way.

So instead of just seeing and hearing two slabs of white bouncing a pixel back and forth, you can actually feel it, thanks to a marvelous work of engineering and the magic of magnets. You control your paddle with a wheel on the side of the table, and the score is kept via old-school LED graphics on top, mirroring the original Pong exactly.

The Table Pong Project is an extremely ambitious one, and unfortunately you can’t get one for less than $900 at its Kickstarter campaign here. But maybe you and ten or 12 friends could chip in and buy one communally.

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