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T-REX 16S Three-Wheeler From Campagna Motors (Video)

by Joseph


Campagna Motors’ specialty is three-wheeled vehicles like their T-REX three-wheeler, but they’ve never had an opportunity to work with a BMW engine before. That changes with the T-REX 16S.

The T-REX 16S has an engine, courtesy of BMW Motorrad, that comes equipped with 160 horsepower. Official performance stats haven’t gone public yet, but this is still clearly a three-wheeler to be reckoned with.

Campagna hasn’t released any pricing or availability info yet either, but estimates have it costing at least as much as the earlier model T-REX 14R, which costs just under $60K.

One thing they have released is a promotional video of the T-REX 16S three-wheeler in action, which you can see below.

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