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Swiza Redesigns the Swiss Army Knife

by Joseph
Swiza Swiss Army Knives

Swiza Swiss Army Knives

The Swiss Army knife is one of the most iconic designs of the 20th century (having actually been designed a little before then in the late 1800s), and seemingly impervious to redesign. But the people at Swiza, nominally a timepiece brand, have taken a crack at it anyway, with surprisingly pleasing results.

Swiza’s redesigned Swiss Army knives are first and foremost recognizable examples of the form, but with a few crucial upgrades. For one, there’s the improved soft-touch handle, and the capability to be opened with either hand. Despite the accompanying change in shape from the classic design, it’s still an identifiable Swiss Army knife, complete with the familiar cross symbol of Switzerland on the handle.

If it’s been too long since you held a Swiss Army knife in your hand, you can order a redesigned Swiza knife at the brand’s online store right here, where prices start at around $31.

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