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Swedish Fish Oreo: The Latest Oreo Flavor Experiment

by Joseph
Swedish Fish Oreo

Swedish Fish Oreo

The people at Nabisco are clearly entering their Sgt. Pepper’s phase, doing all kinds of crazy experiments in the name of innovation and getting viral attention online, not necessarily in that order. The latest fruit of that particular phenomenon is far crazier than any specialty Oreos from the recent past, for reasons that should be obvious: I’m talking about Swedish Fish Oreo, reportedly now on shelves at Kroger supermarkets.

With previous weird-flavored Oreos, including Red Velvet Oreo and Cinnamon Bun Oreo, I could at least get a vague idea in my imagination of what they would be like. But with Swedish Fish Oreo, I am at a loss—how do you translate gummy candy to Oreo creme?

To find the answer to that question, you’ll have to find your nearest Kroger where Swedish Fish Oreo are being sold, which may be quite a summer road trip depending on where you live. Barring that, you can read a little more about this brave new Oreo at USA Today right here.

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