Home Entertainment ‘Swan Lake’ 3D Projected Onto Face of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater (Video)

‘Swan Lake’ 3D Projected Onto Face of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater (Video)

by Joseph
'Swan Lake' 3D

'Swan Lake' 3D

If you’re looking for a way to put some high-brow entertainment into your day but don’t have more than ten minutes to spare, the 5th ”Circle of Light” Moscow International Festival has you covered with a new, highly condensed rendition of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s legendary ballet Swan Lake, presented in 3D and projected onto the face of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

Swan Lake translates surprisingly well to 3D projection, although given how impressive the effects are, the music and story of the ballet are really secondary to the technological showing off. And this is impressive showing off – the Bolshoi Theater appears to bend and flex in sync with the music, and it’s really something to see even if you don’t have any interest in ballet.

And so, check out this 3D-projected version of Swan Lake below. It lasts just over seven minutes, and for more 3D projection projects where that came from, head to the Sila Sveta page on Vimeo here.

Here’s the video:

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