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Suunto Core Ultimate Black Watch

by Joseph
Suunto Core Ultimate Black

Suunto Core Ultimate Black

The latest digital watch from Suunto is meant to be the culmination of everything the brand has done since way back in 1936 when it first went into business, at least if its name is any indication. It’s the Suunto Core Ultimate Black, a typically rugged sport watch with plenty of built-in features for the modern sportsman.

Those features include a compass, a barometer, and an altimeter, all within the Suunto Core Ultimate Black’s “durable composite case” with hits of stainless steel and luminescent accents. Is it literally the “ultimate” Suunto watch.  As in the last one? Probably not, but if Suunto were to close up shop tomorrow, this would be a good high note to go out on.

Unfortunately, the Suunto Core Ultimate Black is out of stock over at Suunto’s official online store right here, but hopefully a reshipment will be available for purchase soon. When it is, you’ll have to pony up $350 for the watch, so start saving now.

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