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Suunto Ambit3 GPS Watch

by Joseph
Suunto Ambit3 (Photo via Uncrate)

Suunto Ambit3 (Photo via Uncrate)

Filling the gap between a typical sport watch and the future of smartwatches is the Ambit3 from Suunto. Suunto’s Ambit3 is equipped with a wide array of features that help you track exercise data like speed, heart rate, distance, and more, but that’s not the entirety of its impressive capabilities.

In addition to similar tracking features for specific sports like swimming, running, and biking, the Suunto Ambit3 syncs up with the Movescount smartphone app to display notifications from your phone. Movescount can also create custom movies that chronicle your outdoor activities with photos taken on your phone – perhaps the only known way to make your exercise routine interesting to other people.

For more information on the Suunto Ambit3 watch, just head over to the Suunto website here, where the watch (depending on whether you get the heart monitor) is priced between $400 and $550 and comes in a variety of different colors.


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