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Sushi Donuts: The Latest Food-Hybrid Trend

by Joseph
Sushi Donuts

Sushi Donuts

Everybody loves donuts. Almost everybody loves sushi. But it took a sushi-obsessed Instagram user by the handle ‘So Beautifully Raw’ to figure out how to put the two together. And so we have Sushi Donuts, the latest hybrid food trend.

Sushi Donuts are sushi creations made to look like donuts, rather than the other way around, so you shouldn’t expect them to take the place of regular donuts in your breakfast and/or dessert rotation. But since we’re really just looking at the things rather than eating them (until the trend takes off to the point of wide availability), I guess that’s sort of an academic point.

Anyway, you can check out some more Sushi Donuts in addition to the ones seen up at the top (plus more delicious-looking foodstuffs) at the So Beautifully Raw Instagram account right here. And if you haven’t decided what your next meal is yet, maybe you can find a creative sushi chef near you who can whip a few up for you.

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