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Sushi Burritos Coming to Select Starbucks

by Joseph
Starbucks Sushi Burritos

Starbucks Sushi Burritos

I can’t believe it, but it’s finally happened – I actually got to try a trendy novelty food item before that item ended up at Starbucks. It’s sushi burritos, which happen to be exactly what they sound like and require no further explanation, unless you happen to be unfamiliar with either the concepts of sushi and/or burritos, in which case I don’t think I can really help you.

I don’t remember exactly what was in my sushi burrito, but the Starbucks version is a seaweed tortilla wrapped around sticky white rice, shredded chicken, pickled cabbage, cucumber, onion, tomatillo salsa, lime crema, and avocado. Making me feel even further ahead of the curve is the fact that sushi burritos are reportedly only available at Starbucks locations in Chicago and Seattle. Two really cool cities, too! Wow.

Anyway, the sushi burritos are reportedly part of Starbucks’ new Mercato lunch menu, and if they get a good response you can expect them at a ‘Bucks near you in the near future. But always remember: I got one first.

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