Home Entertainment ‘Surrounded by Dominoes’: Self-Explanatory 360-Degree Video

‘Surrounded by Dominoes’: Self-Explanatory 360-Degree Video

by Joseph
Surrounded by Dominoes

Surrounded by Dominoes

Insomniacs all over the world know the indefinable appeal of watching domino videos. Not Domino videos, mind you, as big a fan as I am of Tony Scott’s underappreciated masterpiece, but like, domino chain reactions. But these videos often carry with them a sensation of tantalization, as you wish you could get closer and look around – a wish that is partially fulfilled by Surrounded by Dominoes thanks to the magic of 360-degree video.

Surrounded by Dominoes is a short video created by FlippyCat, with the aid of 4,200 multicolored plastic bricks. They filmed the inside of this domino structure while it collapsed, giving viewers the ability to look all around them while it happens—there are certainly worse ways to kill a couple of minutes.

You can do just that by watching Surrounded by Dominoes below, and for more where that came from head over to FlippyCat’s official YouTube channel right here.

There’s a pretty satisfying surprise at the end that I won’t spoil.  Enjoy:

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