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Surge: Coke’s 90s Classic Returns to Select Stores

by Joseph


Yet another crest of the seemingly infinite wave of 90s nostalgia crashed into the cultural shores this week, as Coke launches a return of their 90s quasi-favorite, lemon-lime soda Surge. The return of the polarizing soft drink has begun in select retailers along the east coast, with plans to expand further into the southeast and the Midwest soon.

In a statement to Coca-Cola’s hometown TV news station WSB-TV, the Vice President of Brand and Business Communications for Coca-Cola North America elaborated on Surge’s triumphant return, reportedly the result of many years of fan requests for the soda:

“We were pleased with the excitement and demand for SURGE during the initial launch. We continue to explore the possibilities of SURGE and beginning this month, we are expanding availability to more locations in the Midwest and Southeast – in select retailers only. Fans should visit SURGE.com for specific locations in those areas.”

If you miss the sweet taste of Surge from your misspent youth, you can head to the aforementioned website for the soda right here to see where the nearest store stocking the 90s favorite is located. But don’t hit the stuff too hard – remember, you’re not a little kid anymore.

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