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Surf Sauna: Winter Surfing Made Bearable

by Joseph
Surf Sauna

Surf Sauna

Technology hasn’t quite reached the point where the super-rich can control the weather. But we are getting a little bit closer, at least in one specific subculture, with the Surf Sauna.

The Surf Sauna is designed specifically for people who are so obsessed with “hanging 10” (and other surf-related phrases) that they can’t stop seeking out tubular waves even if it’s freezing cold outside. It can’t warm the ocean for you, but it can give you a place to warm up in between waves, which could make the difference between you braving the cold and you staying inside and watching old Rocket Power reruns.

The Surf Sauna is also customizable, which means that it can be made to fit one person or several, as well as other adjustments. They start at $18,000, but the Surf Sauna website here says they’ll be available to rent in the near future, so stay tuned for more information.


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