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Surf Air: A Subscription Service for Air Travel

by Joseph
Surf Air

Surf Air

It appears that the subscription model is going to be available for just about anything in the near future. A new membership-based service lets you pay by the month to travel as much as you want by chartered plane, believe it or not. It’s called Surf Air. 

Surf Air offers two options: Escapes, for weekend trips, and Unlimited, for all the flights your body can stand. There are several destinations serving California and Nevada, Texas, and European markets for now, and the company has its own fleet of Pilatus PC-12 executive aircraft to keep you comfortable in between landings. With priced starting at $2,500 a month, it’s still undoubtedly a luxury service, but a pretty tempting one or anybody within the served area.

If you’re ready to begin the private air travel phase of your life as a Surf Air subscriber, you can sign up to get a membership and get a lot more info on the service right here.


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