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Supreme/Stern Pinball Machine Teased by Label

by Joseph
Supreme/Stern Pinball Machine

Supreme/Stern Pinball Machine

Pinball is so hot right now. There are tournaments and leagues cropping up all over the country, and now Supreme is getting in on the resurgent trend with a Supreme/Stern Pinball Machine, recently teased by Supreme’s official Instagram account for the spring and summer of 2018.

Of course, of the two brand names in the Supreme/Stern Pinball Machine, Stern is unarguably the more important one, since Stern is one of the biggest and longest lasting pinball manufacturers on Earth. The machine is the work of Stern’s longtime designer John Borg, and the teaser itself shows the machine in all its flashing and bell ringing glory:

Check out Supreme’s teaser for the Supreme/Stern Pinball Machine for yourself here. As for the price tag, you may know that pinball machines ain’t cheap, but it’s reportedly possible that the machines might begin to appear at Supreme retail locations, where you can play for just a quarter per play – pretty cheap by modern pinball standards.

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