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Supreme “Malcolm X” Capsule Collection

by Joseph
Supreme "Malcolm X" Capsule Collection (1)

New from Supreme is a small collection of pieces bearing the image of iconic civil rights leader Malcolm X, designed to freak out white dads everywhere. The Supreme “Malcolm X” capsule collection includes a baseball shirt, shorts, and a beach towel, all in an olive and black color scheme accompanying Malcolm X’s iconic visage.

The Supreme “Malcolm X” collection is an interesting choice of styles given the subject matter, since it’s kind of hard to imagine the nattily-dressed Malcolm X hanging out at the beach or wearing shorts. But hey, it’s 2015, and we’re living in a more casual age now – and hopefully he’d be cool with it.

You can check out the Supreme “Malcolm X” capsule collection in the gallery below. Then, you should do the right thing and head over to the official Supreme online store here, where the collection is available now by any means necessary.

Here’s the gallery:

Supreme "Malcolm X" Capsule Collection (1)Supreme "Malcolm X" Capsule Collection (1)Supreme "Malcolm X" Capsule Collection (1)

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