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Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo

by Joseph


Life was never easy for Aereo, the company that allowed users to stream broadcast TV over the air from small antennas that they leased from far away. Now, the Supreme Court has ruled against them in their fight against the big broadcast networks, and the jig would appear to be up for what was a pretty cool product.

On the Aereo blog, founder and CEO Chet Kanojia made a statement expressing his displeasure with the decision, which he found to have troubling implications not just for his company but for future online start-ups – here’s an excerpt:

“Today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court is a massive setback for the American consumer. We’ve said all along that we worked diligently to create a technology that complies with the law, but today’s decision clearly states that how the technology works does not matter. This sends a chilling message to the technology industry.”

You can read the rest of the statement here. As for whether or not Aereo will continue to exist in some form (or if some loophole around the decision might be found), that remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

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