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Trailer Released For New Superman Movie, “Man Of Steel” (Video)

by Joseph

superman man of steel

As one of the first superheroes (and the first to actually be identified using that term), it’s a real shame we haven’t seen a really great Superman movie in a while. But, if you’re optimistic, you might think the upcoming Man of Steel will change that, judging by their latest trailer to drop.

It has all the usual Superman movie ingredients: inspirational music, soft sunlight, rural wisdom (this time from Kevin Costner).  And it also has an added dash of some of the coolest stuff Superman can do, but the movies often miss—slugging it out with supervillains, for one.  And the villain in Man of Steel is none other than Michael Shannon, which is yet another reason to be excited about the prospects of this film.

Looking for yet another reason to get excited for Man of Steel?  Check out the trailer below:

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