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‘SuperFly’ Remake Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


The 1972 film Super Fly is one of those essential classics that many people haven’t seen, opting instead to begin and end their journeys with Curtis Mayfield’s much more iconic soundtrack album of the same name. So perhaps it’s all to the good that we’re getting a super-slick new version from Director X this summer, which goes ahead and shortens the title to one word: SuperFly. 

Where Super Fly had Curtis Mayfield, SuperFly has Future, who has produced and curated the soundtrack for the film, which (and again, I haven’t seen the original movie yet, so this is just a guess) has a lot more bullet dodging than the original. Take a look at the trailer:

SuperFly comes to theaters on June 15th. In the meantime, you can stay tuned to the film’s official site right here for more info on the movie and other promotional materials between now and that fast approaching date.

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