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SuperCritical: Marijuana-Infused Beer from Lagunitas Brewing Company (Video)

by Joseph


It would be the assumption of many in the general public, I suspect, that a marijuana-infused IPA would serve the dual purpose of getting the drinker high and drunk at the same time. But that is not the case with SuperCritical, a new marijuana-infused IPA from Lagunitas Brewing Company, a subsidiary of Viacom Heineken.

SuperCritical is the product of a collaboration between Lagunitas and CannaCraft, a vape cartridge company that figured out a way to separate terpenes from marijuana – terpenes being the substance that gives marijuana its distinctive aroma and flavor. This process also removes the THC before the marijuana is added to the brew, which seems to me to be kind of like purposely eating a cookie that tastes like weed without getting high, but whatever.

The SuperCritical also includes vaping cartridges with beer, which I am declining to comment on at this time. Both products are for the present time only available in California, and you can get more info at the official SuperCritical site right here. And you can further acquaint yourself by watching ‘The SuperCritical Story” below:

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