Home Entertainment ‘Super Real Mario Odyssey’: Mario Comes to Liberty City (Video)

‘Super Real Mario Odyssey’: Mario Comes to Liberty City (Video)

by Joseph
Super Real Mario Odyssey

Super Real Mario Odyssey

In the trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey, we saw Mario make his way to the bustling metropolis of New Donk City. But what if Mario traveled to another, even more realistic city over the course of his adventures? That’s the question posed by a new video called Super Real Mario Odyssey.

Super Real Mario Odyssey depicts a taller, more realistically proportioned Mario bursting out of a manhole cover in Liberty City of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. And contrary to what you might be expecting, most of the humor comes from Mario’s lack of super-acrobatic ability in his new environs, rather than him getting into incongruous encounters with drug dealers and cops and whatnot (although there is plenty of that, too).

You can watch Super Real Mario Odyssey for yourself below. And for more video game content where that came from, check out the CrowbCat YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:


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