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Super NES Classic Edition Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Super NES Classic Edition

Super NES Classic Edition

Hey, remember the 90s? There’s a chance you might not, I guess, in which case all you need to do is watch the new trailer for the upcoming Super NES Classic Edition, which sums the decade up better than any CNN docuseries ever could. Then, maybe watch a few episodes of Seinfeld just to make sure you get the picture.

The new Super NES Classic Edition trailer also advertises the console’s new features, the most subtextually appropriate being “Rewind” which lets players “go back in time” in the game they’re playing. You can also grab screen shots to share on the internet, and save your game at any point, in addition to something called Super FX technology. Then there’s the previously unreleased Star Fox 2, which you probably already know the deal with.

Check out the SNES Classic Edition’s trailer below, and read up on the mini-console and any pre-order opportunities you may have in advance of its release next month right here.

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