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‘Super Mario Run’ Has Two New Trailers From Nintendo (Videos)

by Joseph
Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

2016 has been a year in which all known reason and prediction models have failed, but unless there’s a serious crack in the universe the upcoming mobile debut for Nintendo’s number 1 Mario Brother is going to be a massive smash. But, just to be on the safe side, it doesn’t hurt to advertise, and so we now have two new trailers for Super Mario Run from Nintendo. Here’s the first one:

As you can see, the above video gives viewers a comprehensive guide of what to expect out of Super Mario Run, and it would appear that it will be an addictive game that’s worthy of the Mario franchise. There also seems to be a strong social component to the game, as you can challenge friends and strangers alike to various challenges and games within the game.

Then there’s trailer number two, which is a little more on the entertainment side of the advertising spectrum:


Super Mario Run will be available for download on iOS devices on December 15, but you can reportedly get a preview of the game at your local Apple Store right now.



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