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‘Super Mario Run’: Mario to Make His iOS Debut

by Joseph
Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Mobile gaming is a huge, if under-appreciated, sector of the world of video games these days, so it’s interesting to note that arguably the most important icon in all of video games—Mario—has never had a mobile game of his own. But that will soon change, as Nintendo has announced the approaching release of Super Mario Run, the Italian plumber’s iOS debut.

Super Mario Run will place Mario within a Temple Run-like scenario in which he has to run (and, I’m just guessing, jump) about collecting coins and smashing Koopa Troopas throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Might he have to rescue Peach? Might he have to fight Bowser? Might he have to kick a Goomba or two? Only time will tell.

You can read an extremely enthusiastic report about Super Mario Run over at Forbes right here, and watch for it to become available for the iPhone sometime later this year.

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