Home Entertainment ‘Super Mario Odyssey’: Trailer for New Mario Game Drops (Video)

‘Super Mario Odyssey’: Trailer for New Mario Game Drops (Video)

by Joseph
Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

The upcoming Nintendo Switch, like most Nintendo consoles, will launch with a flagship title starring Mario, the world’s favorite Italian plumber/jumper. And unlike most or all Mario games past, Super Mario Odyssey appears to be partially set in a realistic world much like our own.

If you ever wondered whether the Mushroom Kingdom was home to any sprawling metropolises, the trailer for Super Mario Odyssey answers this question in the affirmative, with “New Donk City”—a place that looks a lot like New York City, but with significantly more question mark boxes and pipes sticking out of the ground.

The trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, which will come out for the Nintendo Switch sometime at the end of this year, also boasts another innovation in the Mario canon.  But since it’s presented as kind of a surprise at the end, I won’t spoil it—however, you can get more information at the game’s official site right here.


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