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‘Super Bakery Bros.’ Replicates Game in Cake Form (Video)

by Joseph
Super Bakery Bros

Super Bakery Bros

Jami Behrends is a dessert artist that has really outdone her own chosen field with this project: a stop-motion animated version of Super Mario Brosplayed out on a giant four-level cake. It’s called Super Bakery Bros., and it will make you feel equal parts hungry and gripped by the urge to play Nintendo.

Super Bakery Bros., in addition to being delicious, must have also been a pretty tough job. Stop-motion animation is a notoriously arduous process, and I imagine it gets even more difficult when the models you’re animating are made out of sugar. But it’s all pulled off perfectly, and the look of the game is gorgeously replicated.

You can watch Super Bakery Bros. below. And to get an idea of just how difficult the video was to make, check out the companion making-of video right here. You’re on your own for acquiring cake/a Nintendo, though.

Here’s the video:


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