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Suntory Launching Whiskey Into Space

by Joseph


Space – it’s so hot right now. Stephen Hawking and others are spending $100 million to find extraterrestrial life, we’re getting back new photos of Pluto, and the interest in sending humans to Mars (as well as shooting porn in space) seems to be building exponentially. With all that renewed interest in space, it’s only natural that our good friends The Brands would want to join in on the action – the latest being whiskey brand Suntory, which recently announced their intention to launch six samples of whiskey into space.

They’re not just adding to the building accumulation of space debris floating around up there, though – actually, Suntory is sending six samples of its very finest to the crew of the International Space Station’s Japanese Experiment Module. The plan is for the astronauts to enjoy some of it, but keep some more to bring home, so we can try to determine if the harsh environment of space changes the flavor or other aging properties of whiskey.

You can read more about Suntory’s space experiments in the company’s press release here. And remember – you haven’t actually enjoyed whiskey until you’ve enjoyed whiskey … in space.

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