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Sunspel Ian Fleming Collection

by Joseph
Sunspel Ian Fleming Collection

Sunspel Ian Fleming Collection

Ian Fleming: Creator of James Bond and Napoleon Solo, WWII spy hero, bringer of the word “pussy” into the popular lexicon, style icon? That last one might not quite read, but that may change with the introduction of the Sunspel Ian Fleming Collection. The collection doesn’t include any steel-cutting lasers or exploding cigarettes, but it is directly inspired by Fleming’s own personal taste:

“Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels, was a fan of Sea Island cotton such as Sunspel’s. In homage, we’ve created a special collection made from this rare material.”

T-shirts, button-ups, polos, and cardigans are all included in the Sunspel Ian Fleming Collection, and each piece is inspired by stuff that Fleming himself liked to wear, mostly in the 1950s at the height of the resort fashion era that was later refined and popularized by movies like Goldfinger (I don’t see 007’s snazzy terrycloth robe anywhere in there, though).

You can shop the Sunspel Ian Fleming Collection right here.


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