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Sunshine: Neighborhood Crowdbased Weather App

by Joseph


Getting the weather forecast is one of the most practical things you can do with a smartphone, but there’s always been an element of middleman about it – you fire up your phone to get weather info from some weather station that might be hundreds of miles away, beaming in satellite and radar data. Sunshine takes a different approach, depending on updates from yours and all of its other users that are highly localized.

That means that, ideally, you’ll be able to use Sunshine to tell if it’s raining within a specific city block. Of course, you can still use it to access more traditional forecast and other weather-related info, too.

It’s basically just another tool to add to your iPhone weather toolbox, and you can get more information on the app and get your free download at Sunshine’s official site right here. And if you want to start telling your parents you’re a weatherman? Well, I can’t stop you.


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