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Sunoco Burnt Rubbér Cologne

by Joseph
Sunoco Burnt Rubbér

Sunoco Burnt Rubbér

We all remember the great Cosmo Kramer’s brilliant idea for a cologne that makes you smell like you’ve been at the beach. That idea, of colognes that smell like certain recreational activities, never seemed to take off, but Sunoco has hearkened back to it with their Sunoco Burnt Rubbér cologne.

Sunoco Burnt Rubbér, as that accent grave over the “E” suggests, is part of a tongue-in-cheek marketing and social media campaign by Sunoco. But it is evidently a real cologne, with the distinctive aromas of gasoline, motor oil, and yes, burnt rubber distilled into one high-octane fragrance.

Unfortunately, Sunoco Burnt Rubbér cologne isn’t available for purchase, and as of now the only way to get a bottle for yourself is to win one through one of Sunoco’s social media accounts. You can get more information on how to do that over at the cologne’s official site here, as well as some pretty funny marketing materials on the cologne.

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