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Sunglass Case by Tanner Goods

by Joseph
Tanner Goods Sunglass Case
Tanner Goods Sunglass CaseTanner Goods Sunglass CaseTanner Goods Sunglass CaseTanner Goods Sunglass Case

There are few things more annoying for the regular sunglasses wearer than the question of where to keep your shades. The most common answer to this question is one of those bulky sunglasses holders that no one likes. But Tanner Goods has come up with a more elegant solution with the oddly-named Sunglass Case.

The Tanner Goods Sunglass Case is built to accommodate sunglasses of almost any size and shape, provided they aren’t those giant novelty sunglasses you see at amusement parks. And its small, lightweight construction “from 5.5 oz. Horween Rich Chromexcel leather” means it’s not annoyingly bulky like typical sunglasses cases.

You can see how the Tanner Goods Sunglass Case’s unique folding design works in the gallery up at the top of the page. And if you think your current pair of sunglasses deserves a $65 home away from your face, place your order now at Tanner Goods’ online store here.

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