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‘Suicide Squad’ First Official Full-Length Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Back in July, a teaser trailer for Suicide Squad gave all the suicide-heads out there a taste of what the movie will be like. I don’t have any statistical insight on the response to that teaser, but my impression is that it was mixed. The new full-length trailer #1 for the movie that came out this week, though, seems to be much more well-liked.

That might be because this trailer for Suicide Squad has a huge assist from Queen, handling soundtrack duties with the iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Or it might be because Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn gets a lot of screen time, or maybe it’s just because Will Smith gets to say “let’s save the world,” a sure path to box office success.

Whatever the reasons for its popularity, you can check out the first official full-length trailer for Suicide Squad below. And for more on the film, which hits theaters in August, take a look at its official site here.

Here’s the trailer:

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