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Sugar Rush: Keep Track of the Sugar in Your Diet

by Joseph
Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush

Sugar: Not good for you. And yet most people continue to consume pounds of the stuff, mostly because it’s being added to a lot of our favorite foods in quantities that would probably freak a lot of us out if we really understood them. Enter Sugar Rush, an app that will seek to freak you out in that very manner.

Sugar Rush works like this: You scan the barcode of whatever food product you want to terrify yourself into not eating anymore, and the app tells you exactly how much sugar has been added to it. It distinguishes between added, processed sugars and natural sugars too, and is packed with fun trivia tidbits like “sugar can cause premature aging.” Hooray!

While the name “Sugar Rush” is misleadingly joyful, the crash that will accompany your use of the app is right in line with the one that follows a particularly hardcore Halloween candy binge. You can get it for free for your iOS device from the iTunes Store right here.

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