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SufganiKing: Burger King Israel Unveils Special Hanukkah Burger

by Joseph


You may or may not be familiar with the sufganiyah, a jelly-filled doughnut traditionally eaten by the faithful to celebrate Hanukkah, but if you’re interested in fast food novelties, you now have a reason to research it if you aren’t: The SufganiKing, a “Ketchup Doughnut Whopper” set to hit Israeli Burger Kings on December 25th through the first of January.

As disgusting as the idea of a “ketchup doughnut” may sound, I suppose one must be grateful that the cooler heads at Burger King’s R&D department didn’t decide to use an actual jelly doughnut in the SufganiKing.  Instead, the otherwise traditional Whopper sandwich has a fried doughnut filled with ketchup in lieu of jelly for a bun.

Unfortunately for any adventurous eaters reading this from somewhere other than Israel, the SufganiKing will reportedly only be available there, and for a limited time at that. Of course, you could always try to make your own—just remember to go easy on the ketchup, and that quality is sometimes more important than quantity.

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