Home Entertainment ‘Submarine Sandwich’: New Stop-Motion Short Film by PES (Video)

‘Submarine Sandwich’: New Stop-Motion Short Film by PES (Video)

by Joseph
Submarine Sandwich

Submarine Sandwich

If you’re not a scholar of delightful stop-motion animated trifles, you might not know the name PES. PES’ most famous work is probably his animated short Fresh Guacamole, which holds the distinction of being the shortest movie ever nominated for an Academy Award. And if you saw that one, you’ll know that his latest, Submarine Sandwich, is a return to familiar territory for the artist.

The one difference between Submarine Sandwich and the other films in PES’ “food preparation” cycle is that we actually get to see the person preparing the food, in this case a deli wizard who creates a sub sandwich from inedible items—and yet through the magic of movies everything manages to look quite delicious.

You can see what I mean by taking a look at Submarine Sandwich by PES below. And if you want more, make sure you’ve got an hour or so to kill before you head to the artist’s website here, because this stuff can be addictive.

Here’s the movie:

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