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Su Chung Tai: The World’s Greatest “Bubble Artist” (Video)

by Joseph
Su Chung Tai

Su Chung Tai

I don’t even remember the last time I blew a bubble, which just goes to show that whenever it happened, it wasn’t very memorable. But maybe if I’d kept at it, I could have become a bubble magician like Su Chung Tai, who does for bubbles what Brian Eno does for beeps.

Su Chung Tai is currently the holder of two world records for his bubble blowing prowess, which involves a lot of blowing bubbles inside other larger bubbles and chaining bubbles together. He also works with different substances beyond the usual soapy water, to give his bubbles various different looks and consistencies.

But there’s really no point in trying to describe Su Chung Tai’s bubble art/bubble sorcery. It’s much better to check out a recent demonstration video put out by Kuma Films below. And for more from Su Chung Tai, check out an article and photo album from 2012 on one of his more impressive bubble feats here.

Here’s the video:

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