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The Stuff-A-Burger Press: Create Stuffed Burgers At Home

by Joseph
Stuff-A-Burger Press

Stuff-A-Burger Press

Making stuffed burgers at home can be a lot of trouble, particularly if you’re not highly adept in the motor skills department. But a chimpanzee could probably make a good stuffed burger with the Stuff-A-Burger Press, especially if that chimp sprung for the complete set that includes a grilling basket.

The Stuff-A-Burger Press from Sur La Table comes with specially-designed plates for stuffing 1/2-pound or 3/4-pound patties with the substance of your choice: Cheese, bacon, broccoli, whatever.

If you’re interested in just the plates, the Stuff-A-Burger Press costs $12. But for $12 more, you also get the aforementioned grilling basket, which keeps the process nice and easy, from when it is still raw ground beef to the point that it hits the bun.

Check them out at Sur La Table’s website here if you’re interested.

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