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Striker Folding Knife Designed by Skateboarder Geoff Rowley

by Joseph
Striker Folding Knife

Striker Folding Knife

I guess for professional skateboarders, options get a bit limited when you reach a certain age. For Geoff Rowley, that means expanding his brand from signature skate shoes for Vans and other skate-related endeavors to designing a new knife for Civilware Service. It’s the Striker Folding Knife, a stylish and compact cutting tool.

My instinct is to draw some parallel between the design of the Striker Folding Knife and Rowley’s history as a skateboarder, but really this is just a rugged, durable, practical knife that doesn’t have any gimmicky skateboarding design elements or bells and whistles. Every one is made in the United States, and they come in two different color options – black and tan.

The Striker Folding Knife doesn’t come cheap, with a pretty impressive price tag of $150, but if that’s within your monthly knife budget you can pick one up at the Civilware Service online store right here.

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