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Street Art Optical Illusion Appears to Show Invisible Concrete

by Joseph
Street Art Optical Illusion

Street Art Optical Illusion

If you weren’t strolling through a certain part of the Czech Republic recently, you may have missed out on an extremely cool street art optical illusion that makes the concrete support it’s painted on appear to be invisible.

The work would appear to be untitled but was originally posted on Facebook by a fan, a post which is now starting to take off online. And it’s no wonder.  Street art optical illusions are pretty rare on their own, particularly ones as subtly and impressively executed as this one is. Reportedly, the effect was achieved by using a photo of the surrounding area as a reference, then meticulously painting the image in a way that made the concrete seem to disappear at a certain distance.

It’s a similar effect to that of famed “Invisible Man” artist Liu Bolin, but applied to a traditional street art aesthetic. The bar has officially been raised, and hopefully we’ll start to see (or not see, as the case may be) similar works popping up in other parts of the world.

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