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Streamz Wireless Headphones for Hands-Free Streaming

by Joseph


Streaming music online isn’t really much of a novelty anymore, but that doesn’t mean the experience can’t be improved. One company that’s working to do that is Streamz, billed by the brand as “the world’s first smart headphones.”

Streamz are wireless headphones designed to let users connect to online music streaming services like Spotify or Pandora without going through a smartphone. The headphones are voice-controlled thanks to their built-in VOXXI systems, and the emphasis in their design is on hands-free operation—perfect for exercise or any other situation where you don’t want your hands to be busy while you listen to music (it is at this point at which we all visualize people having sex while wearing these headphones and try not to laugh).

More information can be gotten at the Streamz website here, where $400 pre-orders are also being accepted in advance of the headphones’ release sometime in March of next year.


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