Home Tech & Gear Straddling Bus Concept Takes Passengers Above Traffic Jams (Video)

Straddling Bus Concept Takes Passengers Above Traffic Jams (Video)

by Joseph
Straddling Bus Concept

Straddling Bus Concept

Remember on Inspector Gadget when Inspector Gadget would get stuck in traffic, and drive over it by extending his car up on stilts built into the wheels? Somebody over in China does, because a “straddling busconcept was recently unveiled at the international High-Tech Expo in Beijing.

A passenger on a straddling bus wouldn’t have to worry about how congested the traffic is on the highway, because it straddling structure would allow it to pass freely over traffic. The concept is for an electric train, so the environmental benefits are obvious as well. And since it can hold 1,400 passengers at a time, the appeal for people sick of sitting in traffic might prove irresistible.

Unlike a lot of concept vehicles featured on this site, the straddling bus is reportedly in the process of having a full-scale model of it built in Changzhou, China, and if it takes off we may be witnessing the birth of the bus of the future (don’t try to say that five times fast). Check it out in the demo video below.

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