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Stow: A Bike Mount for Smaller Spaces

by Joseph


Bikes take up a lot of space, but part of the reason for that is that most bike racks and mounts themselves take up a lot of space. But the Lignum Bike Company has a potential solution for the problem of storing your bike in a place where space is at a premium: It’s called Stow.

Stow is a foldable, cabinet-style mount that hangs on your wall and folds into a discreetly pleasant form when your bike isn’t hanging on it – but even when it’s folded out and in use (as seen in the photo above), it’s pretty darn small and unobtrusive, and it’s designed not to scratch or pinch your bike like some other mounts are known to do.

Available in four different colors, and customizable up to 36 different combinations of cabinet finish, strap, and hardware finish, Stow starts at $349 at the Lignum Bike Company’s official site right here.

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